Showing Grace to an Unfaithful Spouse

This is a Q & A in Charlotte where an audience of ladies were able to ask Stephen Goode any question their heart desired, and boy did they! This is one of a stack of questions Stephen was given to answer on marriage, and even a few police related questions.

Stephen is the author of Marriage Triage and has appeared on many local and national shows on the topic of marriage conflict.

Do Police Have Quotas or Receive Commission?

Stephen enjoys giving conference attendees a chance to ask marriage related questions, but occasionally he is thrown a curve ball! In this case he was asked a question about police quotas! Since Stephen does not allow himself to screen his questions, he has no advanced notice of question content!

Surviving Through the Trials in Your Marriage

Miserable and don’t know what to do about it? Wondering what your role should be as a wife when your spouse seems to be refusing to do their part? Here is an clip from Stephen’s discussion with the Charlotte Women of LIFT Women’s Ministry. Steps to surviving and being biblical wife.

Does Romney’s Religion Matter?

By Stephen Goode

With the looming national presidential election, how should a Christians view their choice in terms of a candidate’s religion? Can we ignore Romney’s Mormonism, and what should guide our vote? In this blog article we will examine one of the steps necessary to cast a biblical vote in any election, whether national or local.

As I watched both Romney and Obama make their case for my vote I couldn’t help but ponder what is required of me as a professing disciple and believer in Jesus Christ. Even as I have worshiped and prayed with other believers of many different races at recent large events, I have sensed the common bond of our commitment to Christ that transcends any racial differences that we may possess. One of those core Christian beliefs is the sanctity of human life, and the non-negotiable position that drives me to protect the innocent unborn babies by supporting candidates committed to a pro-life agenda. (Jeremiah 1:5)

My home city Charlotte bears the embarrassing label of hosting more than one third of all the abortions performed in North Carolina, and this issue is not up for debate. Even if I agree fiscally with a candidate, I must make my decision based on what will honor my commitment to Christ, and trust that God will deal with the fiscal disagreement. My fiscal agreements or disagreements become irrelevant when human life is at stake.

I cannot support Romney’s Mormon beliefs which deny the clear tenants of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and neither can I support a candidate who is pro-abortion, and supports other stances that oppose biblical teachings. In fact a group called Charlotte714 was denied the chance to pass out welcome baskets because the DNC considered the Christian views on women opposed to President Obama’s. The irony of this denial was that Muslims were given virtually unfettered access, and they support Sharia law.

My vote boils down to a simple premise. It’s not about race or sex, but biblical principle.It may mean I have to vote for a candidate whose religious beliefs are opposed to the Gospel, but this leads me back to core biblical principles. As a friend has recently reminded me, I do not have the luxury of scrutinizing a presidential candidate as I would a local church congregation pastor. Even Israel spent many years under the government of pagan leaders while still being God’s chosen people. We see numerous biblical illustrations of how God used pagan kings and leaders for His ultimate glory.

Romans 13 reminds all Christians that even the most ungodly and pagan leader is held accountable to God for their decisions and actions. Let’s all face the fact and understand that our economy is in the worst place it has been in since most of us were born, but hope has not been lost. Place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone to see you through the tough moments, and continue to seek His will for your life. Protect the unborn when you are given the opportunity, and stick to your core biblical issues before moving on to issues such as the economy, and national security.

I welcome those of you who both agree or disagree to comments on your views as a Christian voter.

Unbridled Repentance Leads to Untainted Worship

By Stephen Goode

I am currently in the Verizon Amphitheatre surrounded by many denominations and groups who have a singular unified purpose and calling. Not one person in this place is holding a political rally sign or banner. There is no way to discern who is Republican, Democrat, or even Libertarian. In fact as I sit in my theatre seating at this Solemn Assembly I am overwhelmed by the participation of the attendees and absence of pride in individuals who sincerely want to see the moving of God throughout the city of Charlotte. One quote that captured my attention was made by a pastor when speaking during the event.


“May the Queen City (Charlotte) once again be truly married to her King (Jesus).”

There is literally a thickness in the air filled with the presence of God’s people who are begging at the altar and interceding for our city for all our sins, and acceptance of all that God’s Word tells us is putrid and wicked in His sight!

As I look around me I personally feel so unworthy to even be a part of this assembly, and the cool thing is that I believe every person present here feels the same way about themselves.

What I have seen unfold before my very eyes tonight is that when we begin to truly repent of all the wickedness that we have allowed to become embedded in our hearts and the life of our families, that our heart transforms into a tool that has an unquenchable desire to worship and praise the name of our creator and savior, Jesus Christ!

We have experienced every possible weather condition this afternoon and into the evening. We arrived with a light and overcast cloud cover, followed by an outpouring of hard and continuous rain that lasted about 30 minutes, as though God was sending the farmers a little present of divine hope. As we walked through the stages of repentance on the platform and entered into a time of worship, we watched the clouds begin to divide like the stage curtain in an epic stage drama, and then it came!

The SUN WAS REVEALED! The music continued to intensify and we entered into a period of truly Untainted Worship Free from pride, wickedness, and unchecked sin.


What is it that is bridling you from being able to enter into such a time of worship with your Creator, Lord, and Redeemer. What selfish desires, pride, sexual sin, covetousness, unbelief, is plaguing you from being truly able to surrender to untainted worship? Whatever it may be I can tell you as a chief sinner, that it isn’t worth it.

There may not be a solemn assembly available for you to attend anytime soon, but I encourage you to have a solemn assembly that begins with you, God, and a desire to repent of your sins and wickedness. I will give you a solemn guarantee that in doing so that you will inevitably arrive at a place called Untainted Worship