The Untouched Ferrari

By Stephen Goode

To the husbands and even some wives on occasion, who can’t read through a single book that may improve their marriage, I have a question.

You are telling me that if you were given a brand new Ferrari with only one stipulation, and that was to read the manual cover to cover to be able to understand how to drive it. You really want me to believe that you wouldn’t go above and beyond the call to find a way to comply with the requirement? That you would let the Ferrari sit in your driveway untouched because you just didn’t prefer reading? I think not!

The reason we don’t read both our Bible, and biblical books on improving our marriage is very simple. It isn’t a priority!

Many husbands and wives simply refuse to make the effort because they have either reached a point of frustration or apathy. They see no pleasure or purpose in the additional effort, and so it appears they are going to leave their spouse sitting in the virtual driveway of marriage untouched, and disillusioned, and then wonder what went wrong when they leave! My advice to you as both an x-cop, pastor, and marriage conflict expert is quite simple.