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Weekly Engagements

The Northside Baptist Radio Program 8:20 Weekdays on WHVN 1240 AM and 104.3 FM

YouTube Channel Marriagetriage with the Biblical Marriage Moment

Upcoming Appearances

April 6, 2013 “No Perfect Marriages Allowed” Dinner Evening at Northside Baptist Charlotte, NC.

Sept 27-28 Truth for a New Generation Conference with Alex McFarland

Past Appearances

July 2012 Stephen was interiewed by Mark Elfstrand on Chicago Moody Radio about Marriage Triage
Moody Radio Interview

Interview with Rev Media Network

Interviewed by Christian Lifestyle Magazine

August 1 Stephen appeared on Palmetto Mornings in South Carolina to discuss Chick-fil-A and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and of course, Marriage Triage!

August 3rd Stephen was on the Janet Mefferd Show with guest host Alex McFarland to discuss Marriages in Crisis.
Janet Mefferd Audio

August 19th Stephen was on the Sunday Night Live show on KSBJ to take calls from Marriages that were on Life Support. There was a great response!

September 8th Stephen will be speaking for the L.I.F.T. Women’s Ministry of Charlotte.

September 9th Stephen will be speaking in Greensboro NC at South Elm Street Baptist Church for their annual homecoming.

October 2nd Stephen will be on the Morning Television show in Greenville South Carolina to discuss Marriage Triage.

October 4th Stephen will appear on Friends and Neighbors aired on Legacy and NRB networks.

We will update if there are changes or additions.