Arrogance Breeds Blindness

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by Stephen Goode

I recently conversed with a gentleman that by all measures was the most arrogant person I have ever encountered. Add in my years in police work, and ministry and this is a very significant trophy. As I conversed with this gentleman,there appeared to be a complete absence of the ability to see fault or to own any personal failures. At one point in the conversation I asked the person if they had EVER done anything wrong, and the question was avoided by asking me the same question.

My response to the question of whether I had ever done anything wrong or failed was “absolutely!” Many times!

The Blindness of Arrogance

What you need to realize is that when there is a strong presence of arrogance, and a total absence of humility, there will always be a blindness to a persons own faults and failures.

The Response to Arrogance

As I left the conversation with the arrogant person my first thought was to say “I am glad I am not like that,” but then a different response overwhelmed me.

My response was to ask the following questions.

1. In what ways am I arrogant?
2. In what area of my life do I show a total absence of humility?

These questions led me to realize that my response to unadulterated arrogance isn’t to be MORE arrogant, but to be more reflective. It also led me to a place where I didn’t feel offended and attacked, but I began to have a great deal of pity and brokeness for this “blindly arrogant” man.

What I can Change

Since this very arrogant confrontation,I have been more aware of my responses to those around me. I have basically began to audit my own responses to everyone around me, especially my family. I truly believe satan wanted me to act like the pharisee who prayed “thank you that I am not like them”, but God taught me that in many ways I am like them. All of us have a heart capable of many evil actions. (Jer 17:9)

Have Humility

Humility is one of the most refreshing qualities a person can practice. It means never wearing your feelings on your shoulders or being too sensitive to every little comment that is made. It means being able to listen without motive or angle. Humility will build incredibly strong compassion muscles in your spirit.

Take an inventory of your life and see where this leads you.