The Truth of Jesus is Inconvenient

Written by Steve Goode

 My level of hurt and sympathy goes out to those who are not committed to Jesus Christ, even though they do not ask me for such sympathy. You cannot reason with a person who has been decieved to the point that the only reality they know is what they choose to create. It’s almost like living in a parallel universe where each situation they encounter can be addressed with a pragmatic and baseless approach without regard to right or wrong. When we take this approach we will always do what is best for ourselves without regard to those around us. We will almost always choose the path of least resistance, and challenge any belief that would be arrogant enough to claim exclusivity or a singular right answer.

The mindset I have just depicted is in the majority of those in our country today. Everyone is looking for what makes them feel good. Even their charitable giving is an act of self-gratification where they want to show and impress those around them on how generous they are. Their life isn’t driven from obedience and gratitude to a savior who desires their exclusive loyalty. You may wonder why I bothered to approach this subject when it seems I am just whipping up on non-believers, but that is not my aim. I really am burdened for such a short-sighted and instant-gratification mindset. Such a mindset is lost and living apart from Jesus Christ with no hope for the long-term future. I desire with my whole heart to change the mindset of the masses, but I came to realize long ago that I cannot. None of us can wave a magic wand or prayer that will instantly make the majoritive masses turn to Jesus Christ, but it does not excuse you from evangelizing and sharing Jesus Christ with those that live around you!

I battled with this for years until one day I realized that Christ didn’t want me preaching to the masses, but discipling, and encouraging the one.  My sanctuary was never intended to be an auditorium filled with masses of people, but a single small office occupied by the one or two people who needed encouragement and Biblical guidance.

You may ask yourself why I wrote this note, and finally I will answer! Each of us has been called out of the masses to minister to the individuals “one on one.” You may be one who thinks that they cannot have an impact because you are a single light in a room of darkness at work or even in your family, but the Bible says you matter to God. In the book of II Kings Elijah thought he was the only Christian left in Israel and he wasn’t far from correct. There were probably no more than 7000 believers in the midst of millions, but it didn’t mean they mattered any less! Today I encourage each of you to go out there as a follower of Jesus Christ and be a light even when it appears that you are the only one choosing the “one way” as opposed to the broad-way! (John 14:6)