Anything in Your Life?

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Written by Steve Goode

Is there anything in your life that makes the hours pass like minutes and the weeks pass like days? Is there anything in your life wasting your time to the point it does not feed a starving soul or fill the hearts of our spouses or children? Yes, is there anything that is in your life that leaves you empty, selfish, irritable, and feeling like you truly don’t understand your purpose in this life? There are numerous examples of what it could be. For some it may be Facebook and the virtual world of additional apps and games. For others it may be a sports hobby or even an inside hobby that steals your every waking thought and moment. For the workaholic it could be the unquenchable desire for business success.

If any of these depictions ring true, I can guarantee you the one person who is not first in your life if you claim to be a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. Many people have pushed away from their faith in Jesus at times in their lives for many reasons and when this occurs there will always be something that comes into our lives to fill the void. What started out as a harmless hobby can easily become an unquenchable life-sucking obsession that impacts everyone in our life. It is described in scripture by saying that what we invite into our life that takes a priority seat, will control our every desire. (Rom 6:12) Before you know it you are talking to your spouse through the filter of a lawyer and your kids become synonymous with the term “custody” or “weekend visits”. All because of that “Anything in your life” problem you refused to acknowledge.

Whether you are a son, daughter, wife or husband, what would your family say about you? What is the “anything in your life” obsession or addiction that has driven a wedge between you and your family, and most importantly what has walled the relationship you once had with Jesus Christ? I can tell you from experience that a hobby or computer game can leave you feeling pretty lifeless and empty because you will wake up one day to realize that the only person whoever cared about the progress you made in your endeavors was you! I challenge anyone to consider these words whether you are aware of your issue or in total denial. I further ask that the one relationship you restore before any others is the one with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you will do this I can once again guarantee you that every single relationship in your life will be restored from your sincere and genuine efforts. It may not be overnight, but anyone who has been in your shoes understands it never happens overnight. Sanctification takes a slow, long, and deliberate lifetime.

I leave you with the following scripture to help you get started without delay today! Then Jesus said to his disciples, If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” (Matt 16:24)