Watch Me!

We can sometimes believe that our actions and choices aren’t truly significant because nobody is really watching. Even in families, I have regularly had to clear up the misunderstanding that husbands and wives can make choices in a literal vacuum and there will be no cascading effect related to their choices. Many times this is why a husband will convince himself that secretly looking at internet pornography or withholding information from his wife will have no unexpected consequences. We can even sometimes convince ourselves that as long as nobody sees us, we are safe to do as we please. I cannot begin to count the number of spouses who have used this logic and repeatedly been caught in their sinful choices.

My son Noah recently taught me a valuable lesson through his actions with his sister. His sister Savannah can be a real challenge, and is very stubborn. There are times I have watched Noah show such restraint with Savannah that I have been utterly amazed. Although they obviously have their moments, overall, Noah has been a great brother to his little sister.

The other day I was attempting to film both of them doing their VBS songs together. Noah loves doing the motions while Savannah is much more obstinate about following the directions when needed. When the song “Worthy” came on, Noah began doing the motions, looked down at Savannah, and said, “watch me”. He went through the entire song undistracted by Savannah’s attempts to annoy, and on occasions I saw Savannah just gaze at Noah and begin to copy his motions.

Noah understood that even when it seemed Savannah wasn’t paying attention, it didn’t change Noah’s determination to follow through and be an example to Savannah. Wow! Noah performed a sermon in a 4 minute choreographed song. What we can learn from this illustration is that even when it seems our children aren’t paying attention to us, they are! Strive to live a Christ like example even when you feel deep down that your life doesn’t matter. The truth is you matter more than you realize in God’s eyes, and he has placed you in a position of influence as either father or mother.