My First International Christian Retailers Convention (A Reflection from 2012)

This was written as I was coming back from Orlando after the release of Marriage Triage. It has some of my insights from a different writer’s perspective.

At the time of this post I should be 30,000 feet due south toward Orlando Florida for the ICRS Convention!

Marriage Triage
With the release of Marriage Triage and book signings, it is time for me to rub elbows and ideas with seasoned and talented Christian authors across the country. It is both surreal and sobering as I meet and do interviews with some of the worlds top Christian authors, and do media interviews with the press.

What do I say?

One thing I have been brushing up on is my interview skills by listening to podcast, and advice from well seasoned publicist and my agent (yes I even have an agent) Isn’t that a surprise? I have learned that you can say the wrong thing if you are not careful, and rambling can make the press glaze over. It must have punch, relevance, and conciseness. It also must be catchy, and memorable! It means practicing in front of mirrors, and being conscious of your reactions and expressions. It also means learning to anticipate questions, and even helping your interviewer by providing good questions.

Overall I am both excited to see what God is doing and I pray that Marriage Triage will be a tool used to guide many spouses through the rockiest periods of their marriage.