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“Marriage Triage.” What a great name for a book! Marriage triage. What we need in our marriages. Pastor Stephen Goode has written a book that will help married couples deal with the real, essential areas of their marriage. I pray it will have a wide readership.”–Jerry Vines, Pastor Emeritus, First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Fl; president, Jerry Vines Ministries, Inc; two time president, Southern Baptist Convention.
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“I know Steve to be a man who serves God by serving people. On the street as a cop,and now in the church, Steve Goode knows what it is like to help people through the crucible of life’s experiences.” —Alex McFarland – Religion and Cultural Expert Link to Alex’s Ministry Site

“As a police officer, Steve Goode spent a decade caring for broken people in dangerous and heart-wrenching situations. WIth the same courage, he now faces the sometimes ugly realities of life and the painful circumstances of marriage without flinching, applying faith and God’s Word in a real-life, soul healing manner. His writings and speaking invite us to keep our sight on God in all the seasons of life, whether difficult or pleasant.” —Gary Thomas, Author of Sacred Marriage and The Sacred Search Link to Gary’s Site

“God’s model of a beautiful, loving and safe marriage is one of His great gifts to humankind. No one understands this better than Steve Goode. His insight and approach cannot be overstated. Apply what you read in this book and experience what God intended for your marriage.” – Pastor Brian Boyles, Senior Pastor, Northside Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC Link to Brian’s Ministry Site