Marriage is Easier the Second Time. Not!

Roughly 48% percent of all marriages will end in divorce in America. The family is under constant attack as the new norm has now become blended families. Over half of all families in our country are second marriages with step-parents, and blended siblings.

We even see in the Bible where this became the societal norm of doing whatever was right in our own eyes (Judges 17:6). It is sad and disheartening that so many families have reached this place of compromise, but we cannot simply ignore their plight, throw scripture grenades at them, and expect their circumstances to get any easier. These families need our help! Marriage is tough enough the first time, but blended and second marriages bring tons of complicated baggage, and husbands and wives need our support and guidance to navigate through these hills and valleys. Many churches have no equipping tools to assist these families so the husbands and wives end up feeling different, and left feeling like a third wheel.

What are some ideas of new church ministries, and even things you as an individual can do to help guide and encourage husbands and wives in this situation?

If you are on a second marriage and a blended family, what has been your experience, whether good or bad, in your church?