The Present but Absent Father

It’s hard work being a provider to your family! It comes at a great cost at times which leaves you working while your family misses you as they stare at your empty seat at the dinner table.

20120612-225729.jpg Maybe you have even caught yourself getting home early only to find your mind still focused on the office or business. You daydream through ways to fix an issue at work while snapping and being short to your wife and children. You continually stare at your smart phone, and check your email as though you are going to miss a life and death message. Your children are calling, “daddy! daddy! daddy!”, and you don’t even acknowledge their presence.

What has happened to you daddy? How did it ever come to this? It’s as though your electronics and work have immobilized your kindness, caring, and compassionate qualities. The bigger issue is that you have no idea how to restore the qualities you are missing.

What are some ideas that you can share to this present but absent father? I encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas on this common and pressing topic.